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Thermal Recovery Unit by Ecoreps - Global Project

The Thermal Recovery Unit (TRU) reduces organic feedstock to syngas, steam, and carbon char by thermally degrading organic materials at constant high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. The TRU is a true pyrolysis unit that produces clean syn-gas and high quality bio-char

The carbon char, (or biochar) produced by the thermal recovery process is, in most cases, sterile, and non-leachable. Biochar is a valuable commodity with great on-sell potential. It is used in agriculture for soil amendment and can also be used as re-activated carbon. Biochar is a recognised form of carbon capture, and attracts carbon credits. Due to the controlled and monitored environment in which the bio-char is produced, the char is of a very high standard.

The syngas produced by the TRU is immediately drawn into a thermal oxidiser where it is mixed with oxygen and combusted. This process eliminates most toxic gasses resulting in clean emissions. The thermal energy created by this combustion may be used to produce steam for a variety of applications, including co-generation and the production of "Green Power."
An alternative to the flaring of the syngas for thermal energy is the capture and transition of the syngas to bio-diesel and hydrocarbons. These fuels may be used in piston engines as an alternative to Diesel and gasoline.

The Thermal Recovery Unit is capable of safe, controlled and continuous operation and is designed to process waste 24/7 with minimal downtime for maintenance and cleaning.

Due to the decomposition of the waste in the absence of oxygen, there is no smoke, odour or soot. Emissions meet all standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory agencies.

As such, the majority of requirements set out by Australian law are met inherently and comparisons with the South Australia Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 1994 under the Environment Protection Act 1993 Version: 3.11.2005, for example, show that all emissions are well below current EPA standards.

The TRU is manufactured in three sizes. 1/2 Tonne, 1 tonne and 2 tonne, units are available. Multiple units may be set up in parallel to manage various wast streams, and maximise the efficiency of the feed-stock.

The TRU4000 can process over 1,800kg of waste per hour while the smaller TRU1000 can process over 450kg per hour. The TRU can be a fixed processing plant or a mobile, trailer-mounted unit capable of being transported between customer sites.

The heart of the TRU is its innovative control panel designed to fully control, monitor and evaluate the entire process. The panel can be programmed for each individual waste stream and its functionality includes all necessary proprietary safety features and override controls.

The TRU can also be monitored remotely via IP.