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The Thermal Recovery Process

The processing method of the TRU is unique. Solid waste is first shredded and blended. It is then fed through an airlock system to ensure an oxygen deficient environment in the retort chamber.

Because the TRU can process solid and liquid waste simultaneously a pump can also introduce sludge and liquids into the same chamber for processing. The TRU then heats the waste materials to temperatures of up to 1010ÂșC.

The processing rate of waste materials in the retort chamber varies depending on the composition of the material, and the desired end result. The bio-mass remains in the retort chamber until all volatile material is processed. It is then directed through the transition zone where gas conditions are monitored to ensure optimal performance.

From here the gases are pulled into the thermal oxidiser where they are mixed with oxygen and combusted. Toxic and noxious wastes are eliminated at this point and the high temperatures of the thermal oxidiser result in harmless emissions, mostly in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapour.
The TRU discharges any remaining solids in through the discharge airlock. These solids are usually sterile and non-leachable.