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Syngas Production - Financially Viable by Ecoreps

Syngas is the synthetic gas derived from gasification and pyrolysis. This syngas (or producer gas) is volatile making it an ideal fuel source.

Syngas is made up of carbon monoxide, and hydrogen (85%) with smaller amounts of carbon dioxide and methane. Syngas has a high calorific value so it can be used as a fuel to generate electricity or steam. Syngas may also be used as a basic chemical in the petrochemical industry.

Syngas has around half of the energy of natural gas, and can be combusted to produce thermal energy for use in steam and electricity production.
The recovery of syngas from organic waste through a TRU pyrolysis plant makes the recycling of waste a financially viable alternative to landfill.

The TRU converts organic biomass, or waste matter into syngas, and carbon char. The unique process of the TRU carefully diverts this syngas through a transition zone where it is blended with air, and then blown through the thermal oxidizer, where it is combusted. This immediate combustion of the syngas eliminates most of the noxious elements, resulting in clean emissions.
The intense heat produced by the combustion of the syngas is directed through the thermal oxidizer to an outlet that may be attached to a waste heat boiler for the production of steam. This steam has many uses including use in a steam turbine generator for power production.

The TRU 4000 running standard MSW is capable of producing over 2750Kw of electricity every hour 24/7