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Pyrolysis Plant - Global Project by Ecoreps

The TRU Pyrolysis Plant, is a turnkey solution to waste management problems.
Using the process of True Pyrolysis, the TRU plant will process up to 3 ton of organic waste per hour, alleviating the need for land-fill and other problematic waste disposal practices.

The TRU pyrolysis plant converts the waste into syngas and biochar. The syngas is combusted creating thermal energy that may be used for a number of applications including electricity production.

The syngas is combusted
The syngas is combusted

The biochar is a valuable commodity that may be on-sold for use in agriculture. The char produced by this pyrolysis plant can be sold and utilised for various industrial or agricultural application, depending on the feedstock.

The TRU Pyrolysis Plant is capable of safe, controlled and continuous operation. The TRU plant is designed to process waste 24/7 with only occasional downtime for maintenance and cleaning.