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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to deliver unique "outside the square" eco-innovations to the modern world.

Our vision is to play our part in the global mind shift towards industrial ecology. We understand the value of waste as a feedstock to create energy and the ever increasing need for the sequestering of green house gases via pyrolysis of organic biomass and utilisation of Biochar agriculturally and beyond.

Our Values

Ecoreps aims to support government, private, NGO's and commercial enterprises through offering, designing and implementing our TRU Pyrolysis solution to a range of different applications.

  • Innovation - The continual pursuit for the most eco innovative solutions for ubiquitous environmental problems.
  • Integrity - Our actions are guided by our principle to conduct our business with honesty.
  • Community - Always conduct ourselves with the environment and its communities in our best interest.
  • Accountability - Responsibility to deliver only the best environmentally-sustainable solutions to our customers.