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Biochar By Ecoreps - Organic Quality


Biochar is the solid output made by heating organic materials, such as wood or crop waste. The TRU produces a very clean and stable biochar. This Biochar has significant on-sell potential providing an additional revenue stream for the TRU.

The biochar is very useful as a soil conditioner for agriculture as it improves the soil function, assists with the retention of moisture and reduces soil acidity.

The market for biochar, particularly for use soil enhancement, is growing rapidly world-wide and while regulation and certification of this product is in the early stages of development in Australia, biochar is now recognised under the Federal Government’s recently introduced Carbon Farming Initiative.

The TRU produces carbon char, otherwise known of as Biochar.

Biochar may be an immediate solution to reducing the global impact of farming (and in reducing the impact from all agricultural waste). The burning and natural decomposition of trees and agricultural matter contributes a large amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere. Biochar can store this carbon in the ground, potentially making a significant reduction in atmospheric Greenhouse gas (GHG) levels; at the same time its presence in the earth can improve water quality, increase soil fertility, raise agricultural productivity and reduce pressure on old growth forests.

Due to its chemical structure biochar is very difficult for microbes in the soil to break down, preventing the carbon sequestered in the char to be released quickly back into the atmosphere. This is a clear distinction between biochar and other organic matter, or pools of carbon, in the soil.

Some biochars may also be able to improve the efficiency of water and fertiliser use in soils.